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The 8th Cooking and Service Skills Competition of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was Held at HIT
Editor:管理员LIU   Updated:2018-10-29

HIT News (Liu Zhongkui / Text Lan Rui, Deng Dekuan, Li Zhenyang, Cao Linyuan Liu Zhongkui / Picture), from October 12th to 14th, the 8th Cooking and Service Skills Competition of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and its affiliated colleges, universities, and institutions, was held at HIT. The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and organized by HIT. After fierce competition and on-site expert review, 11 members of HIT won a total of 5 gold awards in Chinese banquet table setting, fine dishes (hot dishes), conference service, financial skills, and large pot dishes, 1 silver medal, 1 best performance award, 2 outstanding awards, and the first place in the group total score. Fu Jingbo, Party Secretary and Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wang Shuquan, Party Secretary of HIT, and Xu Dianguo, Vice President of HIT, attended and watched the competition, and also presented awards to the winners.

Xu Dianguo pointed out in his speech that: “the competition is a concrete measure to thoroughly implement the important guiding spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping to accelerate the construction of high-quality new logistics personnel, and provide personnel and intellectual support for the rise and improvement of logistics. The competition has great significance in further improving the comprehensive quality and professional skills of logistical personnel, continuously improving the support ability for comprehensive service, promoting the formation of a good atmosphere of dedication, love and happiness, focusing on strengthening the cohesiveness and solidarity of the logistics team, and striving to form a holistic cooperative service assurance and a logistics culture with distinctive features. The logistical work in HIT always adheres to the orientation of “obeying the overall situation of the school, serving the staff and students”, and inherits the spirit of “doing the utmost, striving for perfection, pursuing excellence”. With goal of “developing first-class service, achieving first-class management, building a first-class team, and obtaining first-class results”, the logistical work in HIT has achieved remarkable results after years of development, which has laid a solid foundation for the construction of a logistics service guarantee system that is compatible with the development of the school. Finally, I hope that the contestants can learn from each other by exchanging views, and improve through the competition, thereby continuously improving the level of logistics service support.”

Fu Jingbo said in his speech: This competition is an important measure for the logistics system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to study and implement the new thoughts of Xi Jinping on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and the spirit of the 19th Party Congress. It is an important medium to implement the spirit of the Party Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on performing well in logistics. Furthermore, it is a wonderful display to show the excellent spirit and professional skills of the majority of the logistics cadres and staff. It is of great significance to stimulate and guide the logistics staff to love their work, take responsibility in their work, do well in their work, and be active in their work, thus improving the comprehensive logistics service support capabilities, and providing strong logistical support for accelerating the development of manufacturing power and cyber power. I hope all the contestants can carry forward the labor spirit of being conscientious and meticulous, diligent and thrifty, dedicated, and motivated to be “first-class”, and fully demonstrate the elegant demeanor of strictness, preciseness, meticulousness, and honesty, thus providing a solid logistical support for the development of industry and information technology.” He put forward several requirements for the competition: be thrifty, show our attitude, learn from each other, improve together, persist in innovation, and show our reputation.

The theme of the competition was “advancing and enriching the spirit of craftsmanship and showing logistical style”. There were three categories of competition: cooking, service skills, and on-site performance, and nine competition items: large pot dishes, fine dishes (hot dishes), fine dishes (cold dishes), pastry, financial skills, Chinese banquet table setting, conference service, room service, and best performance. 132 contestants from 13 representative teams of affiliated institutions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology participated in the competition. In the competition, the players were full of enthusiasm. They were rigorous and precise, and showed their own special skills. The dishes with fragrant aroma and beautiful appearance were placed on the exhibition stand. The banquets with different forms and themes were full of meaning. The variety of pastries were attracting people to stand by and enjoy. The leaders came to the scene to watch the competition, and the judges scored rigorously and meticulously.

The Integrated Department of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Integrated Department of the Finance Department, the Talent Office of the Department of Personnel and Education, the Departments directly under the Propaganda Branch of the Organization Department, Weihai Electronic Information Technology Comprehensive Research Center, and the responsible persons of the relevant university logistics departments attended the competition.

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