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“Learning Chinese culture, enriching your youth” Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Month has opened
Editor:管理员LIU   Updated:2018-10-29

HIT News (Shang Yankai / Text Ru Guo Lan Rui / Picture)  Chinese excellent traditional culture is the spiritual lifeblood of the Chinese nation, the important source of socialism core values, and also the solid foundation for Chinese culture to gain a foothold in the world cultural agitation . Culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Without a high degree of cultural self-confidence and cultural prosperity, there will be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important discussions on how to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese outstanding traditional culture.

In order to deeply promote Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new area, to led the young students to become the inheritors and promoters of excellent Chinese traditional culture with firm cultural self-confidence, to brighten the way of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with the light of excellent Chinese traditional culture, and to meet the area of “Greeting for the centennial, creating the first-class university” of HIT, the whole school organized the “Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Month” with the theme of Learning Chinese Culture, enriching your Youth. At noon on October 8, the opening ceremony of the event was held in front of the library and on the pedestrian street, respectively. Xiong SiHao, executive deputy secretary of the school party committee, and Peng Yuankui, assistant to the president, watched the wonderful performance together with the teachers and students.

At the opening ceremony, artists from Heilongjiang Acrobatic Troupe and Jinfeng Lion Dance Performance Group and students from several traditional art and culture clubs in our school brought wonderful performances such as Sichuan opera face, traditional magic, dragon and lion dance, Chinese zither, Beijing Opera, and martial arts to teachers and students. The Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Association, a part of student clubs and the College Youth League Branch also set up more than 30 activity areas integrating fun, competitive and popular science. There were traditional cultural competitions such as guessing lantern riddles, Feihualing, Klotski; traditional sports such as Cuju, Touhu, and chess; traditional culture show such as clay sculpture, paper-cutting, and straw plaited article attracting teachers and students to stop watching and participating.

It was reported that the “Chinese Excellent Traditional Cultural Month” was hosted by the Youth League Committee, organized by the Youth League Committee of the Aerospace Academy and the Telecommunication Committee. The activity was divided into three chapters: “inheriting the classics, keeping the roots of culture”, “showing the youthful charm, introducing the wind of innovation”, “promoting the national spirit, casting the national soul”. In the coming month, the colleges and student clubs will successively carry out a series of colorful activities such as the “Chinese Excellent Traditional Cultural Knowledge Competition”, “Traditional Cultural Experiencee”, “Folk Music Concerts, Traditional Cultural Exchanges”, and “Traditional Culture trip”. In this way, students can experience the unique charm of the excellent Chinese traditional culture in a close-up and all-round way.

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