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2018 HIT Campus Freshmen Structural Design Competition was successfully held
Editor:周文松   Updated:2018-12-18

HIT Campus Freshmen Structural Design Competition was successfully held on the evening of December 3, 2018, in Student Cultural and Sports Center of 2nd Campus. This is a structural design competition for freshmen. The competition is jointly organized by the Innovation Experiment Center of Civil Engineering and the Science and Technology Innovation Association of the School of Civil Engineering. It aims to promote the understanding of civil engineering specialty, and to cultivate students' interest in civil engineering specialty, practical ability and teamwork ability.

The theme of this competition is to make a bridge deck model with bamboo. The quality of the model is not more than 60 grams, and it can withstand certain loads. The larger the span of the model, the higher the score and the arbitrary form of the model.

Professor Zhao Yading, Professor Shao Yongsong, Associate Professor Ma Huihuan, Associate Professor Yan Jiachuan, Professor Lu Shanshan, Counselor Bai Yujia, Part-time Counselor Fan Shaoyong and two first prize winners Wu Jinfeng and Fu Yangyu were present to serve as guidance and professional evaluation.

The freshmen participated in the free formation team. The students experienced a 13-day team cooperation model design, production process, and completed their ideal works. On the competition site, each work with unique innovation and exquisite structure is arranged one by one, waiting for the test of loading quietly. In the loading stage, after introduce their model design, the students loaded carefully their model hierarchically.

Eventually, Zhang Luoning group won the first prize; Liao Lisa group and Li Guanghui group won the second prize; Liu Jiaqi group, Wang Xinyu group, Mu Ruiqi group and Huang Yunzhi group won the third Prize; and Zhang Ao group was the winner of the best creative prize.

In the expert comment section, Prof. Zhao Yading Dr. Ma Huihuan and Dr. Yan Jiachuan congratulated the students on their excellent performance in the competition, and put forward valuable suggestions to the students according to their experience in guiding the structural design competition. They hope that the students can pass the structural design. Competition all-round exercise and improve their own and team's comprehensive ability, in the future learning and other activities continue to progress.


So far, the 2018 Harbin Polytechnic University freshmen structural design competition has come to a successful conclusion. Let's all look forward to your success in future structural design competitions.

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